What is your service area for delivery & how much does delivery cost?

We basically stick around the Hudson Valley and Catskill Regions of New York. We prefer to deliver a day or two prior to the wedding/event date and pick up the day following the wedding/event date. We can offer same day delivery service if need be; however, we do not pick up after sun down hours.  Delivery Fee is based upon and inclusive of Labor for loading, unloading, reloading and unloading hours + R/T Driving hours, Fuel, Tolls, Mileage, Trucking and Insurance. Upon delivery, we place items in their intended areas of use, as long as all areas are protected from potential inclement weather. 

We do not deliver to New York City or any areas below Westchester. 

Are we able to pick up our rentals?

If you are renting smaller props and table top items a “will call” pickup may be arranged. We prefer to discuss this on a case by case basis. Our antique furnishings and larger rental items must be professionally cared for while en route by HVVR.

Is there a minimum rental order requirement?

We have a $500.00 minimum rental order requirement.

How do we go about renting your stylish wares?

You should contact us and / or send us your wish list, once you have finalized your event date, venue, floor plan (if wishing for a lounge and/or farm tables) and budget. Your venue will be a major factor in determining what unique rentals will be the right fit for you.  Of course the date is important, so we can check availability of our one of a kind pieces and the location is important, so we can properly quote delivery fee.  Once we forward a proposal, we hold your items of interest out of inventory, on your behalf, for 2-weeks. A 50% deposit is required to secure items of interest with final payment due, 10-days prior to your event.

How long in advance should we reserve the pieces that we would like for our event?

We recommend reserving everything as early as possible, as our pieces are one of a kind, in high demand, and on any given weekend we can have up to a half dozen orders.  Up to 4-months and as long as 12-months prior to your event date is the perfect time to have everything booked with us.

Can we see everything in person?

Yes, we do have a warehouse / workshop located in Accord, New York (Ulster County). It ain’t pretty but everything in there is! Visiting the warehouse is a lot of fun and we would love to have you! Visits are upon appointment. We are not at the warehouse full time. Typical appointment hours are Monday – Friday from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM and Sundays.

What happens if something breaks or is damaged?

A non-refundable equipment protection/cleaning fee of 10% of your total rental order is required. This covers minor damage such as wear and tear on our wares (a box is always scratched, a dish is always broken, a teeny stain always has to be scrubbed). This fee does not cover significant damage or missing pieces. All damaged items must be returned to Hudson Valley Vintage Rentals. We require a credit card on-file for all orders, upon the time of reservation. For any furnishings, architectural pieces, decor, or other large items that are not returned or are returned damaged upon repair, you will be charged three times the rental rate in order to replace the item.  We require that items be protected from fowl weather and remain secure at all times and we highly recommend that upholstered furnishings not be used in smoking areas. 

Are you insured?

Yes and we are glad to offer proof of insurance. If a venue requires that we temporarily add them as a third party to our insurance, this binder fee is  $50.00 and the client / renter of wares or venue will be required to cover this cost.