Below are our Rules Of Engagement as outlined within our client agreement, as well as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) . . .


What Is Your Service Area?

Typically we service the Hudson Valley and Catskill Regions of New York, going as far north as Albany and as far south as Westchester. We DO NOT service New York City or Long Island. Order requests for areas further north than Albany and out of state may be considered with a rental order minimum requirement of $3,500.00 not inclusive of delivery or set-up/styling. Please refer to our services tab for styling information.


Rental Order Minimum Requirement

We have an $800.00 rental order minimum requirement, not inclusive of round trip delivery or set-up/styling. Our “will call” rental order minimum requirement is $300.00.


What is Will Call?

Will Call refers to self pick up and self drop off. Will Call orders must be via an enclosed truck or vehicle of adequate size to fit the rented pieces. Time of pick up and time of drop off must be pre-scheduled. We charge a late fee in 30-minute increments of $50.00 (per 30 minutes late) pertaining to pick up and drop offs and late fees will automatically be charged to the credit card we have on-file. We do not allow will call orders for any of our upholstered furnishings. We require that all of our packing materials including crates, boxes, bins, tarps, blankets and even bubble wrap be returned to HVVR. Failure to do so will result in replacement fees.


How long in advance should we reserve the pieces that we would like for our event?

We recommend reserving everything as early as possible, as our pieces are very unique and in high demand. On any given weekend, we can have up to a dozen orders. Up to 4 months and as long as 12 months prior to the event date is the perfect time to have everything secured with us. Unless an order has been confirmed with a deposit, please note that prices and policies are subject to change at any time.


Rush Orders

Any new rental orders requested 14 days or less prior to an event date are subject to a 20% rush order fee or $50.00 flat fee, which ever is greater. Any orders finalized within 14 days of the event date, must be paid in full and are non-refundable. Last minute orders pull our team away from prioritizing long term orders and this means over time hours are required to pull, clean, and pack your order, as well as re-schedule our deliveries.


How do we go about renting your stylish wares?

Please contact us via email or phone and / or send us your wish list via our website, including your venue name and/or address, once you have finalized your event date, venue, floor plan (if wishing for a lounge and/or farm tables) and budget. Your venue will be a major factor in determining what unique rentals will be the right fit for you.  Of course the date is important, so we can check availability of our one of a kind pieces and the location is important, so we can properly quote delivery fee.  Once we forward a proposal, we hold your items of interest out of inventory, on your behalf, for 2 weeks. A 50% non refundable deposit is required to secure items of interest with final payment due 10 days prior to your event. If you require guidance as to what pieces may suit your event best and/or within budget, we are more than happy to hop on the telephone with you or to have you to our warehouse.


“Live” Inventory Viewings

We have a warehouse, located in High Falls, New York (Ulster County). We would love to have you visit, it’s a lot of fun! Warehouse visits are by appointment only and are exclusive to one client at a time. We accept appointments only if an event date and venue has been booked and this page has been reviewed.


Rental Period

All of our wares are individually priced and are priced for ONE FULL DAY, that being the rental date stated on the agreement. The rental period includes the courtesy of delivery the day prior, allowing time for your set-up and pick up the day after, allowing time for your tear down and clean-up. Delivery and pick up times are determined by HVVR, based on our delivery logistics and geography on any given weekend. If you wish or require to have the items for a longer period of time, or use them for an event the day prior and/or day after the rental date stated on the agreement, additional daily charges will apply and will be eligible for an extended rental discount.



We know that preparing for an event can be time consuming and so we provide the convenience of delivering the order on the day prior to the event date and picking up the order the day following the event, allowing time for your set up and clean up. We also do not like the thought of anything going wrong, if we were to deliver on “same day”. Our regular delivery and pick up hours are between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Upon final payment, 10 days prior, we provide a shorter timeframe consisting of a 2 hour window of time of when to expect us. Any deliveries and/or pick ups requiring a smaller window of time including an exact time are subject to an additional fee.

Delivery fee is determined by the distance traveled, size of your order, labor involved, any special times requested for delivery / pick up and any venue restrictions.

Delivery fees assume that rental items are being placed in one level area within 25 feet from our delivery vehicle. Failure to notify us of delivery conditions, other than this, may result in additional delivery fees, including a distance further than 25 feet from our vehicle and deliveries involving carrying items up or down stairs. Due to liability, note that there are certain items that we will not place upstairs. If a mezzanine level is in consideration, please be sure to first discuss with us!

Other Important Delivery Policies:

Deliveries and/or pick ups made between 4:00 PM and 8:00 AM or “same day in and out” are subject to an after hours fee or an over time fee.

We require a 2 hour window of time to both deliver and pick up items.

All rental items must be prepared and ready for pick up including:

Flowers and water dismissed from vessels
Candles taken out of our candlesticks and lanterns
Tables fully wiped down and clear of all decor and service
Smaller items / props MUST be packed in their original packing and gathered in one central location
Dishes & Flatware must be wiped clean of food and placed back into their original crates
Liquid must be removed from goblets and goblets placed downwards in their original crates

If an event space is not ready for delivery or pick up or your event runs over time or there is a back up of vendor trucks waiting in line to deliver or pick up and/or rental items are not ready for pick up at the agreed upon time as per above policies, renter of wares will be charged $1.00 for each minute of waiting time and/or for the time it takes our crew to prepare/clean and/or locate the rented items.

We require that all of our packing materials including crates ($25), boxes ($15), bins ($35), tarps ($45), blankets ($30) and even bubble wrap ($25) be returned to HVVR. Failure to do so will result in replacement fees.

If any of the above procedures are not adhered to, the credit card on file will be charged accordingly.



Use of Rentals Outdoors

While we do allow our items, including upholstered seating, to be used outdoors, we do ask that you follow our policies, so that rental items do not get damaged from inclement weather, dew, sprinkler systems and/or animals. Rental items must NOT be left outside overnight regardless of what the weather forecast may be. If placing rugs outside, it is strongly recommended to place a tarp or drop cloth under the rugs, so that they don’t get wet or stained from the grass. Rugs are best not utilized in high traffic areas such as entrances to venues or in front of bars. Damages result in damage fees (read below).



A non-refundable equipment protection/cleaning fee of 10% of the total rental order is required. We clean rented items before they are delivered and we clean rented items upon their return. This fee covers minor damage such as wear and tear on our wares (a box is always scratched, a dish is always broken, a teeny stain always has to be scrubbed, not to mention all that glitter and sparkle removal).

This fee does not cover significant damage or missing pieces. All damaged items must be returned to Hudson Valley Vintage Rentals. We require a credit card on-file for all orders, upon the time of reservation. For any furnishings, architectural pieces, decor, or other large items that are not returned or are returned damaged upon repair, the renter of wares / the credit card on file will be charged six (6) times the rental rate in order to replace the item. We require that items be protected from weather elements and remain secure at all times and we highly recommend that upholstered furnishings NOT be used in smoking or fire pit areas. Burns and water/rain are automatic damaged upon repair charges.  Anything left out in the rain (other than wrought iron pieces) will result in an automatic damage fee, per piece, of six (6) times the rental rate. Rental items are the renters responsibility from delivery or time of will call to their pick up. It is the renters responsibility to make whom ever is in charge of their rentals (venue coordinator, caterer, planner, family member) aware of our policies. Damaged or missing items are charged to the card we have on-file and the renter of wares agrees that these charges are not to be disputed.


Changes & Cancellations

The 50% non refundable deposit is non refundable regardless of when the notice of cancellation is provided.

For order cancellations made less than 60 days prior to event date, responsibility is an additional payment equal to 50% of the remaining balance.

There are no refunds to cancel or substitute rental items less than 30 days prior to the event date. At the 30 day mark, responsibility is the full balance.

Rental items may be removed or exchanged, upon availability, so long as the rental order does not decrease by 20% and changes are made greater than 30 days prior to the event date.

We do allow a 20% decrease, up to 10 days prior to the event date, of service wares that includes dishes, flatware, and glassware.

Upon availability, wares can continue to be added up to 10 days prior to the event date. When adding items, additional deposit will be required.

Once an order is agreed to and confirmed with deposit, we allow changing the order up to three different occasions. Each additional order change, after three occasions, will be subject to a $25.00 change fee.


Are you insured?

Yes and we are glad to offer proof of insurance. If a venue requires that we temporarily add them as a third party to our insurance, this binder fee is $50.00 and the client / renter of wares or venue will be required to cover this cost.



While some of our policies may seem strict, these policies are all in place to protect you, our clients, as they are in high rotation and very special. We have found through the years that clients and wedding guests alike have been very respectful with our unique pieces.